How we got here

The community we have now was born in June 2016 out of two friends’ frustration at the lack of Home Ed groups in North Oxfordshire. Seeing our children’s friends at pre-school and preparing for Reception at Primary School we wanted to nurture an environment for our children to flourish before their buddies entered full time education and wondered where everyone had gone. So the Banbury Area Home Ed Co-operative was formed. A bit of a mouthful, this was known to members as Co-op.

Over the last two years we have grown from a group of sometimes only three families to a thriving community of approximately thirty families today.

As well as meeting fortnightly to socialise, learn, live and play we also take many trips to learn about and from our local community. Meets started as a few activites provided by a different family each session for those that attended and have this year grown into more often than not hosting an outside workshop provider.

We have met Florence Nightingale, a guide dog for the blind, birds of prey, we’ve woven baskets, and learnt watercolour techniques, we’ve studied the stars and discovered what keeps us stuck to the planet, we’ve extracted DNA and made blood and an anatomical hand and working lung model, we’ve explored flight and hosted a two mini Olympics, we’ve learnt to Morris Dance, ridden a hover board and explored the history of art from cave painting to pointillism.